Fundació Miró building in Barcelona

Structural repair and corrosion treatment

Fundació Miró building in Barcelona


Fundació Miró is a museum and exhibition centre where almost all creations done by local artist Joan Miró are exhibited to public, including all different types of art works produced by the artist. The building of Fundació Miró was built in 1975, designed by the architect Josep Lluís Sert. The building is located in Montjuic hill, in the biggest green are of the city, very close to the sea. It is an architectural concrete building, based on reinforced white concrete. Due to its elevated location and proximity to the sea, the building is directly exposed to the wet and salty sea-wind, so generating optimal conditions for concrete corrosion.

El reto

30 years after its construction the reinforced concrete structure of Fundació Miró was showing clear and visible signals of deterioration. The marine environment brings all the ingredients to promote corrosion (humidity and chlorides), in addition to the fact that construction standards in 1975 were by far not so demanding in terms of quality like nowadays. Combination of both facts lead to several damages by corrosion to the building. It was required an immediate intervention to repair the structure. Several damages where identified in the most exposed areas (directly exposed to the sea-winds) together with other areas with less affectation. An integral refurbishment operation was planned with the aim to repair the affected structure but also to prevent further damages by corrosion.

Fundació Miró building in Barcelona
Fundació Miró building in Barcelona

Nuestra solución

Original project was considering a repair job only in the visible affected areas by patching with repair mortar. As long-term protection against further corrosion the project was considering initially cathodic protection for the entire structure. It needs to be considered that the concrete was affected by carbonatation in addition to a significant internal chloride amount, so the long-term prevention needs to be effective under these negative conditions. BASF Construction Chemicals offered an alternative project by using MasterProtect 8000 CI surface-applied corrosion inhibitor as long-term protection against further corrosion replacing the cathodic protection. Our proposal was to apply MasterProtect 8000 CI in all areas. It means, in the patched areas with MasterEmaco structural repair mortars and in the areas with less affectation. A monitoring plan to verify MasterProtect 8000 CI long-term protection against corrosion by in-situ measurements was offered to the owner, being leaded by an external institute.

Beneficios para el cliente

The alternative proposed with MasterProtect 8000 CI replacing cathodic protection represented a global cost saving by 40% only in the total refurbishment project. Further maintenance costs related to cathodic protection should be considered as this protection system requires a continuous input of electricity but also some maintenance activities. The alternative presented with MasterProtect 8000 CI also meant a shorter intervention time. It means that the museum could reduce its inactivity period, which was highly appreciated by the owner. The additio nal offer for monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment with MasterProtect 800 CI in the real structure was considered as a prove of trust of our solutions. Prestigious Torroja Institute (IETcc) was the external institute selected to carry out the monitoring activities, managed by its expert group on concrete corrosion lead by Dra. Carmen Andrade.

Lo más destacado del proyecto

  • 40% cost savings for the owner thanks to an alternative long-term protection with surface-applied corrosion inhibitor MasterProtect 8000 CI.
  • Monitoring of corrosion inhibition capacity of MasterProtect 8000 CI done by IETcc institute by in-situ measurements done at 5, 7 and 10 years after application. Test results confirmed that protection against corrosion provided by MasterProtect 8000 CI is still effective after 10 years (new future monitoring measurements are planned).
  • Easiest execution of protection system without significant maintenance costs (compared to cathodic protection). Finishing with elastic acrylic paint MasterProtect which was directly applied on surface treated with MasterProtect 8000 CI without a previous surface preparation.
  • Reduced intervention time to allow the museum to reduce the inactivity period.

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