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Vlevy NV

The background

Vlevy NV, was founded in 1891 in Ghent specializing in meat products including ham, turkey, chicken, beef, pepperoni, salami, chorizo and more – for wholesalers, foodservice and ready-to-serve meal producers.

To meet the emerging and growing demand for their produce and the highest quality standards Vlevy NV founded a new factory in Hulsdonk.

The challenge

When working with cooked meats that are ready to eat, strict hygiene controls are required. So the new production had to work to the highest hygiene standards.

The floor also needed to provide a safe working environment so a slip resistant floor with a surface structure that could be easily and hygienically clean was required.

The floor also had to resist to heavy mechanical loads and the high temperatures encountered during cleaning.

Our solution

A Ucrete solution giving a slip resistant floor that could be cleaned to the same standard as stainless steel was the obvious choice, given the demands of the client.

Following consultation with the client Ucrete DP was chosen to give the right degree of slip resistance combined with the required temperature and mechanical resistance in the various production zones within the facility.

Ucrete flooring is non-solvented and is non-tainting so does not affect the taste of food stuffs even during application. It has a Gold Indoor Air Comfort certifications from Eurofins demonstrating that it meets all European emission standards.

Vlevy NV
Vlevy NV 

The customer’s benefit

  • Through the temperature, chemical and mechanical resistance of Ucrete flooring a maintenance free long lived flooring solution has been achieved.
  • Temperature resistance up to 130º C.
  • Ucrete flooring does not support bacteria or mould growth.
  • Slip resistance to R12 where required.
  • The chosen flooring solution is dense and impervious, with a minimum of joints and cleanable to the same standard as stainless steel. It Conforms to IFS standards and is certified for use in facilities running HACCP food safety systems.

Projects facts at a glance

  • Modernisation and expansion of production capacity due to the growing demand for Vlevy quality products
  • Target was to create a modern, environmentally friendly production site meeting the latest food technology hygiene / quality requirements achieved in full
  • 2,000 m2 production hall

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