Mixing and application of a 2 component polyurethane flooring underlayment

Mixing and application of a specialist self-levelling polyurethane underlayment which cures to a soft, elastic material as part of a walking comfort floor coating system. Specialist properties include a soft and elastic finish for increased walking comfort, sound absorption, crack bridging, easy application and excellent self-levelling properties. Other system components include a body coat and final top coat. Fields of application are Schools, hospitals, libraries, offices, canteens and retail facilities.

Mixing and application of a colorless two part water borne polyurethane top coat for a matt finish

​A 2 component wear resistant, matt finish top coat for application on MasterTop polyurethane flooring systems from Master Builders Solutions.​

Mixing and application of a two part body coat based on an aliphatic polyurethane

Mixing and application of a color stable, low emission self-levelling and non-solvented floor coating based on an aliphatic polyurethane. It is hard wearing and has an easy to maintain surface with a tolerance to a wide range of chemicals. Because of its aliphatic nature it is UV and color stable. It can also be applied wet in wet to produce multi-colored decorative floors. It will be coated with a colorless top-coat in order to improve the scratch, chemical and mechanical resistance and to remain easy to clean and maintain.

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